Tuesday, 17 January 2017

1979: Rubber, Candles and Duvets

Dramatis personæ

In this episode:

 Women at College

C my petite redheaded girlfriend
K C's best friend at College

 Women from elsewhere 

S a relative of my aunt
R a schoolfriend of C's atr another college

 Men at College

L another law student
A another law student
G another law student
D a law student with the room next to mine
N a male fresher
R a first year lawyer

After our passionate weekend, C's and my lives returned to normal the following week.  It was back to lectures and long hours in the library.  There was little time for sexy interludes, although we kept ourselves simmering by sending each other erotic notes and cards; dropping them off in each other's pigeonholes in the Lodge.   We did see each other a lot, of course, but there did not seem to be the extended time we needed to get enjoyably naked.  

'I want to draw you so much,' I wrote. 'I want to capture every beguiling curve. every pink nipple and every orange curl of your soft fluff."  I know I wrote this, as I still have Cs answer agreeing to it. 

'I want to feel you inside me again; your big fat knob rubbing at my wet insides,' she wrote back and "I wish you could come in my pigeonhole!!!".  

By Thursday we were seething with lust. I was masturbating at every opportunity I could, when I was in my room.  We grabbed every chance for a quick kiss and a caress, perhaps in the depths of the main law library or on our way there, in Holywell Street, if there was no-one about.  I would slip my hand up underneath her skirt and caress her, briefly, and she would rub my throbbing groin amidst the shelves holding the Tulane Law Review. Our workload that week was huge.  I wrote to my mother saying that I was doing fifteen hour days.  We were so close but couldn't do anything about it.  We sat next to each other in lectures and then at adjoining seats in the main law library where we would surreptitiously caress each other's thighs.  We would write each other notes and pass them to each other. We had to be much more circumspect in the small college law library and I became aware of the amused glances we got when we went in there together.  There was a smaller reading room beyond the main one and, particularly in the evening, we would sometimes find ourselves alone in there.  I would get my fingers inside C's knickers and she would sometime unzip me and caress me, all the while expecting someone to burst through the door. "One day I am going to get under the table and dick you!" she said, squeezing my cock, just before the door opened and I had to quietly get myself back inside my trousers without looking rushed or guilty.

The problem was that we were doing two subjects, Roman Law and Criminal Law and our quiet introductory days were behind us. We both had essays to write for Thursday. C suggested we take half an hour for 'a quick one' on Wednesday but then we were invited around to L's (another first year lawyer) to discuss the essay question. We both agreed we needed this more than sex, although later we both admitted that we should have gone back to my room, had a quick one and then gone to L's room.  A. another first year, was there too and as we talked through the problem C and I realised that we had both missed something important.  We had to go back to our rooms and rewrite the essay.  I didn't get to bed until gone 3.00 am. C told me that she had been up until 2.30.

C had her tutorial just before lunch and I had mine late afternoon.  I went straight to her room after my tutorial finished and we both agreed we ware glad that we had gone round to L's the night before and redone parts of our essays.

"Look what I've got!" said C.  She opened her shoulder bag and showed me a blue Durex box. She had gone to Boots and got them after her tutorial.  The sales assistant had been a man but she had brazened it out, although she hadn't realised that there were different types.  Neither had I.  Despite my mother encouraging me to get some when I was with A I never did, largely because I was too scared. "After dinner!" she promised, giving me a nice wet kiss.  As soon as she touched me we grabbed each other, though, and I was just sliding my hand up under her skirt when there was a knock on the door  "It's K  I invited her!"  We pulled ourselves together and I sat on C's window seat while she let K in, who was going with C and I to dinner.  We talked about the stress of our tutorial and K said that at least we didn't have an exam which we had to pass at the end of the first term, like she did. 

L asked northern A (actually they were both Northern), C and I back to his rather splendid room after dinner, although C said we couldn't stay too long as we had "things to catch up on".  The four of us were becoming a little group within the first year lawyers.  A and had no idea of the fact that C and I were more than friends, though.  Neither got girlfriends at College and, I think, both married their first girlfriends, long afterwards.

We got back to my room after an hour or so and a big packet of custard creams. L always had lots of biscuits. The problem was that it was about six hours since I had had my fire on and the room was cold. I soon had it started and we sat in front of it, warming up and removing layers of each other's clothing as we did so.  We were soon naked and I was stiff.  We sat opposite each other, cross legged. C had one of the little oblong Durex packets in her hands.

"It's a bit lacking in spontaneity," she said, trying to rip open the end of the packet and struggling. She bit into one corner.

"Don't tear it!" I warned.  She tore the corner off with her teeth and made a face.

"Nasty!" she said.  She got the packet open and pulled the condom out.  We both looked at it, uncertainly.  Neither of us had seen one before. I thought the whole thing would come out looking like an icing bag, rolled up like a Swiss roll but it was all rolled up in itself, like a sock..

"How on earth...?" I began. 

"Do you want to put it on or shall I?" she asked. 

"I'll do it!" I said taking it from her.  She was right, it felt and smelled nasty.  "Which way round?" I asked.  I thought I needed to unroll it, somehow, before putting it on, like a washing-up glove on a  finger.  C tried to look at it to see how it went but she had taken her contact lenses out and her glasses off.

"I can't see!" We had turned the lights out and just had the fire on, providing a warm orange light. I was starting to lose my erection.  "Maybe they are just so difficult to use that you stop wanting to have sex at all and that's how they really work!" said C

"I'm not feeling very sexy now," I admitted.  "Not your fault!"

"Do you think that if you don't use them straight away they go off and self destruct, like Mission: Impossible?" she asked.  I carried on trying to unroll it in my fingers.

"Bloody thing!" I muttered,

"Don't be so middle class," chided C.  "Fucking thing!"

"Or rather, It isn't," I said.  In pulling at it I thought I might have nicked it with my fingernail, so we threw it in the bin and got another packet out of the box. 

"Sex is going to get expensive!" said C. I was completely flaccid now so she made me lie on my back and started to kiss and lick me back to life. She put her mouth over my knob and then sat up, suddenly. "Eureka!" she said. "It's obvious!"  She ripped the next packet open and felt the ring before placing it on the top of my glans.  "You unroll it over your dick!" she said, demonstrating.  And there it went, quite easily.

"How many Oxford University undergraduates does it take to put on a condom?" I asked. 

"Shut up!  Now, give it to me!" she said, lying down on her back next to me.  I was between her legs in a trice, guiding myself into her.  I anxiously kept my finger around the bottom end in case it fell off or something but, of course, it didn't.  

"What's it feel like?" I asked anxiously, starting to gently thrust.

"Fine, OK!" she said.  "Not the same though.  I want to feel you, not some smelly rubber thing!"  I didn't like it either.  I couldn't feel her wetness around me.  We carried on though and she soon had her legs around me and was gasping and moaning quite noisily again.  It was working for her, anyway.  She started to come and I kept going.  I thought the Durex was reducing my sensitivity a bit which was a good thing, I supposed.  I felt myself coming so pulled out.  "What?" said C.  I had forgotten the purpose of the thing, after all that.  I was so concerned about not coming inside her I had pulled out automatically. "You're an idiot!" said an exasperated C.  "I wanted to see if I could feel anything!"  I was deflating and carefully pulled the Durex off.  I didn't know where to put it.  C got a pocket tissue from her bag and wrapped it up before dropping it in my dark green metal bin.  "It's revolting!" she said.  Our first condom use had not been an unqualified success.

did not sleep over as she had to get up early to go back home to Birmingham for a doctor's appointment and to pick up some things.  She wasn't coming back until Tuesday but took her law books with her.  She would really have to catch up when she got back.  I woke up early and went over to her room to see her off but she had already gone.  K came down the stairs and told me that C had gone back home early.  K had a towel and her sponge bag.  She said we could go into breakfast together but she was going to have a shower first.

"Do you want to join me?" she asked.

"That would be lovely!" I said.  It was a joke, she said. She told me to wait as she would only be a few minutes.  

"Don't you dare think about me all wet and naked and rubbing soap all over my body!" she teased. She was a teasing sort of girl.  A 'prick teaser', she would have been called at my school.  Leads you on and then...nothing.  One day someone is going to throw you to the floor and give you one, I thought.  From the rear.  I sat at the foot of the stairs, thinking about her bottom.

Given four days with no C, I decided to have a good push at my next essay reading.  I spent time with A and L in the evenings, drinking tea, eating large amounts of biscuits and listening to classical music in each other's rooms. A had a lot of Russian music I didn't know, by composers like Balakirev and Kabalevsky.  favoured Bach and Baroque music.  

"Did you know the second and third years are talking about you and C?" asked L. one evening. 

"Really?" I said, innocently.

"They seem to think that there is something going on between you!" said L, carefully.

"That you're at it.  All the time!" said A, ever the blunt northerner. 

"Really?" I said again, dunking my gingernut.

"Especially D.  He has the room next door to you doesn't he?" persisted.

I agreed that he did and that C did come over to my room a lot because of my gas fire.   C had told me never to say anything about 'us'.  This was, I later discovered, because she was keeping her options open for someone, richer and posher.  

A day later I was sitting in my room before Hall and there was a knock on the door.  I thought it might be K, suggesting going to dinner but it was an attractive blonde I hadn't seen before.  It turned out that she was the daughter of the sister of one of my aunts.  S was not a real blood relation but the relation of one by marriage.  She was at Jesus College, just around the corner and was very nice.  Shortly afterwards did arrive at my room and said she couldn't go to dinner as she was seeing another friend. She asked if I had posted my dinner ticket for that day because I could have hers, so it would not be 73p wasted.  I asked S if she wanted dinner and she said yes so K gave us her half ticket and I gave her 73p.  K left, giving me a look that said 'you naughty boy''.  I knew I had better tell C when she returned before K did, although I had explained that she was my 'semi-cousin'.  

This was nothing compared to the looks I got from the other lawyers when I took to dinner that evening.  "When the cat's away!" muttered G, another first year lawyer, when I walked past him.  I hoped S was out of earshot. Fortunately, dinner wasn't that bad and S said that it was better than the food in Jesus, anyway. We both agreed that at least we weren't at Lincoln, whose kitchen emitted the disgusting boiled cabbage smell into Brasenose Lane.  S came back to my room afterwards and, being a third year, was full of helpful tips about Oxford life, especially as regards selling on books after the first year, so you could get some cash back on your outlay.  She said one thing I must do was join the Oxford Union.  It was expensive, though.  I had already joined the Law Society and the College equivalent and had spent over £35 on books so far.  Most of the other students doing other subjects had spent a couple of pounds on books but Law books were expensive.  The only other person who had spent so much on books was the girl studying Chinese.

S left just before 12.00 and so I walked her back to Jesus, which she had to get to quickly, as they locked the doors at midnight and she didn't have a late key.  A lot of colleges made you sign for a late key for the main entrance and only had a certain number to give out by the day.  We were lucky in our college in that we all had one all the time. I stood outside Jesus saying goodbye to S.  I thought about giving her a goodnight kiss.  She looked like she might be receptive to one and was looking expectantly at me. I thought about but thought she wouldn't mind, especially as she was always going on about how attractive one of the second year lawyers was. We hesitated.  The moment passed.  I wished her goodnight and she gave me a little wave and disappeared inside.  I had to use my own late key to get back into College and went to bed wondering what S looked like naked. I thought we had got on well but I never saw her again, probably as she was too busy working for her finals. An opportunity missed, perhaps.

On Saturday K and I decided to miss lunch as the choice was between grilled sardines (fish, yuck!) or Boston Baked Beans.  While dinner in hall was served to you at the table at lunch you had to queue up in the kitchen where you were served by the staff straight onto your plate.  Boston Baked Beans came from one of the large metal oblong serving tins full of hot baked beans with rinds of thick greasy bacon fat semi-submerged in it.  That and the curried eggs were the most revolting things that the College kitchens produced.  We soon discovered how cheap College food was, though, as we looked around town for another option.  A Chinese take away for two was a staggering £8.40 and the Gate of India in the High wasn't much cheaper, even with the 10% student discount and they charged you extra for take away containers, which we thought was a bit much.  Sweeney Todd's near the New Theatre wanted £1.40 each for a pizza so we ended up in Burgerland, where you could get burger and chips for 94 pence.

I had learned to buy food for Sundays and the next day K came around and we had crumpets toasted on the gas fire, which worked really well.  I had pinched some butter pats from Hall and kept them on the windowsill. K was as flirty as ever but however desperate I was for female physical interaction I realised that trying something on with my girlfriend's best friend was not a good idea, however desirable she was.   This was reinforced with the return of C from Birmingham on Tuesday.

"I hear you spent the entire weekend with the lascivious K!" she said, when she came around on Tuesday afternoon.  She had seen K, when she came back, before me.  I had to explain that I had spent some time with K but then I had also spent some time with other people.  "Like that girl you took to Hall!" she said.  I explained that she was my semi-cousin, or something. C didn't look convinced.  Fortunately, I had bought her a bag of (expensive) chocolate coated Brazil nuts from Selfridge's, so she soon perked up again and gave me some more chocolate-flavoured kisses before dinner.

After dinner we went back to her room and K attached herself to us so we couldn't have a frolic. showed no sign of going so I went off to my own room at about 11.30.  There was no physical activity with C for a couple of days so I worried I had upset her for some reason.  In fact she was having her period, as she later told me and felt a bit "yuck".

Sitting in the law library the next day C passed me another note, written on one of the book reserving slips. "Let;s see if we can get into the nice bathroom tonight!"  Perhaps she wasn't upset, after all. On the way back from the library every day we had to pass Blackwell's Music Shop; the biggest classical music shop I had ever seen.  It was (there is still a Blackwell's Music Shop but on a different site) a strange bunker-like building which formed part of an accommodation block for adjoining Wadham  College ('they're all odd at Wadham', we knew).  You descended into the shop through a tunnel like entrance, with the packed shelves of LPs being arranged around a  garden light well. C wanted me to buy a cassette of excerpts from Carmen.  I had the orchestral suites but not the opera itself.  In those days I didn't much like opera, except Wagner.  I was loathe to spend money on cassettes as I would rather buy the records and then record them onto cassettes.  C was insistent and didn't quite stamp her little foot but very nearly did.  I acquiesced.  We then went to Debenhams and bought some candles and went to Selfridge's for bubble bath.  C, it seemed, was planning something more theatrical than just a normal bath.

I had been scouting out the target bathroom while C was away and discovered it was indeed, popular.  After about ten it usually became free.  There were only two rooms on the staircase in question but we knew that others used it.  There was only one problem with this bathroom.  You had to go through the New Stairs entrance from New Quad which meant passing the chocolate vending machine, the entrance to the law library and the entrance to the Junior Common Room.  It was a popular and busy corner of college, therefore.  C was worried about us running into other people, especially other lawyers.  After dinner she started sending me to the bathroom to see if it was free.  It it wasn't I was to come straight back. if it was free I had to stay in it and she would join me.  It took only two trips, forty five minutes apart.  The room was free.  I went inside and locked the door. The bathroom, in comparison to the ones at the bottom of my staircase, was as deluxe as the Ritz. Although someone had been in the bathroom earlier, the bath was dry so they had probably been just using the washbasin before bed.  The bath was huge and, best of all, the room had a radiator.  It was warm!  After about ten minutes there was a quiet knock on the door.

"It's me!" said C.  I let her in. She was dressed in her bear-like fur coat.  It was quite cold out that night but I was a bit surprised as she had only come about seventy five feet from her staircase. All was revealed when she slipped it off to reveal that she was just wearing a pair of black stockings and a suspender belt.  She grinned, kissed me and squatted down to root about in her bag.   I looked at her starfish anus, appreciatively and decided that she was flashing it at me deliberately.  She pulled out the four candles she had bought, along with four empty miniature marmalade pots she had pinched from the Randolph Hotel.  She soon had the candles lit and affixed to the bottom of the glass pots with hot wax.  She placed them around the bath on the floor and switched off the lights.  They gave out a surprising amount of light.  She pulled out her little battery cassette player and put on Carmen which we had played a bit of earlier.  She started to run the bath and poured bath foam into the running water.  "This is better!" she said.  It certainly was.  I began to take my clothes off but rather than trying to help she just stood and watched me intently, although I never knew how well she could see without her glasses or contact lenses on.  I was, needlessly to stay, as stiff as a pole.  She squatted down again and took me straight into her soft wet mouth.  She looked up at me all the time and I soon felt myself about to come, which was not surprising considering how long it had been (a week) since we had had any proper interaction.  I tried to withdraw at the appropriate moment but she pulled my bottom forward with her hands so that I started to come inside her mouth for the first time.  "Mmm!" she murmured before swallowing.  "That was nice!" she said.

"It certainly was!" I said.

"Now we can have a nice bath and then you can take me in your bed!" she said.  She then sat down on the loo so I looked at the bath and busied myself with turning the taps off (it had taken ages to fill).  "Watch me!" she said.  I turned around and she sat back and spread her legs so I could actually see the top of her stream as she pissed.  She grinned.  She certainly had exhibitionist tendencies.  "Your turn!"  She hopped off and I stood in front of the loo.  She stood behind me and her hand took hold of my flaccid prick.  Despite this distraction I went without any trouble.  "I wish I had a prick!" she said.

"I'm very glad you don't!" I replied.  She tied her hair up so it didn't get wet and after I enjoyed removing her stockings and kissing her orange bush we climbed into the bath.  We then discovered, of course, that the amount you needed to run for two people was a lot less than for one and it started to sluice over the edge.  We leapt out and pulled the plug, so as to lose some of the water. Washing at College had been so cold and miserable it really was a luxury experience and we really liked the candlelight.  We would spend a lot of money on candles over the next year.

We sat facing each other and she told me about her long weekend at home.  She said that she had arranged a special present for me which I could find out about later.  I tickled her parts with my toes, under the water and she played with me gently until I was completely stiff again. She mounted me and bounced up and down a few times before, teasingly, getting off me.  She washed me, slowly and gently, soaping me and then rubbing me with her (natural) sponge.  I reciprocated and by the time we had finished we both had wrinkled fingertips and aroused genitals.

"Time for your treat!" said C after we had gone back to my room, successfully avoiding any lurking lawyers at the foot of the stairs.  We were huddled by the gas fire, as it fought to warm up the room.  C went and pulled a foil packet out of her bag and waved it at me.  I looked puzzled. "It's the Pill.  I'm on the Pill!" she explained.  When she had visited her doctor she had got him to prescribe the Pill, picked it up that afternoon and took it for the first time that day which coincided, she told me, with the first day of her period. This meant that it was effective immediately and, anyway she had been taking it for a week now.  I took some convincing that it would work that fast and thought that it took a month to bed in.  She had a leaflet in her bag which confirmed everything she said.  "You are going to screw me and come inside me!" she said, forcefully. "Right now!"  Not wishing to disobey, I pushed her onto her back in front of the fire. She was still wearing her fur coat but hadn't put her stockings back on after the bath.  Eschewing our usual foreplay I got right between her thighs and started to lick her breasts and finger her.  "Yes!  Do it!" she said, obviously enjoying my vigorous approach.  I plunged right in and started to thrust in and out rather harder than I usually did. "God yes!" she cried.  She was getting quite noisy and writhing around in her fur coat and we were both getting quite sweaty.

"It's coming!" I said., after not very long at all, really.

"Stay inside!" she urged.  I did and spurted right up inside her.  She pushed her hips up before dropping her bottom back down onto the golden lining of her coat.  "Christ!" she murmured, "Ravished!" she added.  "That was terrific!" she said, giving me a kiss.  "Our first proper one!"  She must have come a few seconds after me. "Get up!  I don't want spunk leaking onto my coat!"  It was too late, though and there was already a damp patch on the lining.  She wiped it with a tissue and then wiped herself between the legs.  We went to the loo, together, me dressed in my dressing gown and her in her fur coat. We would have looked like a very odd pair if we had been seen by anyone but, fortunately, we weren't.  We hopped into my bed where she told me that she was going to stay the night again, as we didn't have an early lecture the next day.

We did it the next morning.  Then went back to her room after lunch and did it again.  Then we did it again after dinner. We agreed that this was much better than the horrible condoms.  I thanked her for going on the Pill for me as I knew that there could be side effects.  "I went on the Pill for me not you!" she said, un-romantically.

The following Sunday we did nothing else but have sex, endlessly, in my room. We kissed, we licked, we sucked and we fucked for hours.  C told me that she could tell when I was about to come as my cock sort of throbbed and felt bigger inside her.  Sometimes she could feel me spurting but mostly it was just a sense of more liquid inside her. She found that the process of me coming brought her off almost immediately afterwards.  She experimented with gripping me with her insides and she could. later, make me come with no thrusting if she did that and it was the first one of the day.  We had solved the peeing problem by her buying a large opaque, white Tupperware flask which would store several pees each until we had to go down and empty it in the loo. We hid it in an Athena poster shop bag which we christened the 'piss bag' to go with the 'piss flask'. We wondered what the Athena staff would think about how we used their bag but then we all put our dirty washing in carrier bags which had "it's clean, it's fresh at Sainsbury's" written on them.  She still wanted a chamber pot, though and said we should find an antique shop.

The following weekend, half way through the term, I went home, on the train.  My mother had bought me a duvet and a cover after I had mentioned that I wanted one in a letter. I didn't tell her that I wanted it so that my girlfriend could suck me off under the covers more easily, of course. Although she obviously suspected something, as she told me to be 'very careful' whenever I mentioned C.  When it was time to go back to College I wondered how I would manage the huge box on the train but we took it out of the box, rolled it very tightly and stuffed it into a large grip. The trip back was something of a nightmare, though.  I should have had a simple journey back changing trains once, at Reading, but the line was being worked on and I had to get a replacement bus service between Wokingham and Bracknell so I missed my connection.  By the time the next train arrived it was so full I couldn't get on with my two big bags.  I didn't get back to college until nearly eight at night, by which time I had missed dinner.  I dropped off my bags and went up to see C who was in a tactile mood.  I told her about my new duvet and she wanted to 'christen it' straight away.  She gave me some biscuits, as I was starving.

Unfortunately, on the way down her stairs we ran into K who, of course, wanted to come up to my room too. C looked cross until K brandished a bottle of port she had been given by a friend.  We sat in front of my gas fire drinking port out of my wine glasses which meant we drank more than we should have (such is the way with port).  C told K that I had a new duvet and the girls agreed to make my bed for me (I had taken my bed linen home for my mother to wash!) in exchange for the heat from my gas fire.  I often wondered if I would have lost my virginity at all that year if it hadn't been for my gas fire.  Then C said she and K would warm my bed up for me. C started to remove her jumper and skirt and K shooed me out of the bedroom saying I was not to look. If only she had known!  I was invited in after a minute to find both girls wriggling around under my duvet and giggling, drunkenly.  I noticed K's jeans were draped over the end of my bed.  K squealed at something C did to her under the duvet.  C invited me to join them both in bed but K would have none of that.  Eventually, I was sent out again and they got dressed, disappointingly, as I was finding K more and more attractive.  K insisted on leaving, with C in tow.  C gave me a look as if to say 'wait up!'

I went down to the freezing basement for a very quick shower and to clean my teeth.  When I returned, C was sitting on the floor outside my door with her little night bag. We didn't waste time but stripped off and got straight into bed.  C was very mobile, diving up and down like an otter, to show how much more she could move about under a duvet. Kiss, lick, stroke, suck.  Then she climbed astride my hips as she had done for a bit in the bath.  She wrapped the duvet around her to keep her warm in the chill bedroom, Although I didn't have anything to keep my body warm except her hot little cunt around my cock.

"What were you doing to K in bed?" I asked later, when we were cuddled up and warm.

"Trying to get my thigh between her legs!" laughed C. She said that the problem was that K was so ticklish that any contact on her skin set her off into fits of giggles.  She admitted that she had got a feel of K's breasts 'although there wasn't much to them' but she could feel her hard nipples.  She then told me that she was going to see one of her friends, R from her school, the next day,  She was at Keble College and she wanted me to come along so she could show me off, which was more positive than our undercover relationship in College.  really fancied R, sexually, and they had always been tactile (one of C's favourite words) with each other. "You'd like her, she is blonde and busty!" said C.

"I like petite redheads!" I answered, stroking her fluff.

"You wait until you meet R!" said C.  "Bet she makes you stiff!" she started massaging me again and I started to respond to her, again, partly because I was thinking about C and K writhing around in my bed earlier. I wondered what R would be like, as I slid between Cs open thighs again.


  1. Very nice, and I'm hoping the last paragraph is a little foreshadowing...

    One request, I don't know if you can do this or not, but I find the one-letter pseudonyms get confusing after a while. I can't remember if it's L or R that's a chap, and who is whose friend, and so forth. Could you use fake, but complete, first names? I understand if you think it's too late to change - I'll just muddle through!

    1. Yes, I know what you mean about the initials! I think I might have to deal with this issue as I progress as more and more people appear.

    2. I'd got used to the initials! The fake names seem a bit strange all of a sudden...

    3. Oh dear I can't win! What I am going to do is revert to the initials but put together a dramatis personae.

    4. I like that strategy. Keeping the initials adds an air of mystery. I like guessing what A and C stand for. Of course, it's your show, do it however you like. Just keep writing!

  2. Excellent. C seems a memorable girl, indeed. Now I'm wishing I'd had a dorm room instead of commuting from home!

    1. Oh -- and, unless they have a latex fetish, I don't think anybody likes using condoms.

    2. Very few people in the UK live at home when going to University. Living on your own is one of the big pluses!

  3. Haha! That first experience with a condom! I was lucky that my first experience with a condom was with a guy who'd used them before. But I remember seeing the vending machines in bathrooms as a child and being so fascinated and wondering just how they worked.

    1. Took me ages to get comfortable with them and I n ever liked them...

  4. Immensely frustrating trying to force threesomes when only two out of the three are into the idea. When it does work it's amazing, especially at a psychological level - nobody knows quite how to behave and it gets nicely weird.