Monday, 11 April 2016

The Chronicles...

Scarlett Knight posted that she was surprised at my recall for the events covered in my first two chronicle entries.  While I do have a very visual memory, which helps in such recollections, in fact I have boxes of written notes of my adventures over the years.  I started doing these seriously in the nineteen eighies but before that I had a lot of letters to draw on..  I used to be an inveterate letter writer and I had several young ladies with whom I exchanged erotic reminiscences.  Their reactions to my letters I still have and, in one case, all the letters themselves as after we broke up one of the girls gave me all my letters back in case her new boyfriend found them. I expected her to throw them away but I am so glad she kept them!

This means that the accounts of my adventures in the seventies are based on letters I wrote to others ,so were not contemporaneous with the events but were written just some years afterwards, rather than my having to recall events from decades ago.  While I can recall much of the events today, details like the name of the street on which the hostel in the second post was on, came from a letter I wrote to my family giving them the postal details for possible emergencies.  

So nothing as organised as a proper journal but the material is all there!


  1. I realize that you have been toiling away at the Lust World, but in this case I find reality more engaging than fiction. Might we have a few more Chronicles when you return from Africa?

    1. Didn't think anyone read these! I am halfway through the next Chronicle so will try to get some more done while I am here!

  2. Outstanding, thank you. I really do enjoy them.